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关于英语的重要性英语作文-The Importance of English

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关于英语的重要性英语作文-The Importance of English,关于英语的重要性作文-The Importance of English英语作文范文,希望大家参考。

关于英语的重要性作文-The Importance of English

There call be no doubt that English is one of the world's most widely used languages. People use a language in one of three ways: as a native language, as a second language, or as a foreign languge. English is spoken as a native language by over three handred million people in the United States, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, some caribbean countries and South Africa. As a second language, English is often necessary for official business, education, information and other activities in many countries, it is one of the few "working" languages of the United Nations.
    It is said that English has become the language of international trade and transport. Most pilots in planes travelling from one country to another use it to talk with airports. All ships sailing on the oceans call for help by radio in it. It has been said that 60 percent of the world's radio broad casts and 70 percent of the world's mail uses English. At international sports meets, and international of scientists English is the language most commonly used and the most widely used. from
    English has in fact become the language of international cooperation is science and technology. The most advanced resuits in space, nuclear and computer research are published in it. A scientist who speaks and writes English is in closer touch with the scientists in other countries than one who doesn't.