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英文的邀请函 篇1

  Letter of Invitation




  Phone Number

  Dear Visa Officer,

  My name is ***, I am studying in *** ,an intensive English preparation for High School program.After the English course I will go to ***,for Year **. I have been in Australian** days/months from ***. I learn my English course well and enjoy life here but sometime I feel very lonely and missing my family very much.

  I am writing this letter to invite my mother ***,female, DOB: ***, passport number:*** to visit me during the time period from *** to *** in Australia.

  She is also very interested in seeing my everyday life in a new environment. And there is no financial difficulties.

  Your favorable consideration regarding her visa application will be highlyappreciated.

  Yours Sincerely,



英文的邀请函 篇2

  Dear sir/madam:

  On , we will host an evening of celebration in honor of the retirement of , President of . You are cordially invited to attend the celebration at , , on from to p.m.

  has been the President of since . During this period, expanded its business from to . Now it’s our opportunity to thank him for his years of exemplary leadership and wish him well for a happy retirement. Please join us to say Good-bye to .

  See you on

  Yours sincerely

英文的`邀请函 篇3

  Inviting a friend to informal luncheon

Dear :

  Will you come to luncheon on , at ?

  My niece is visiting us and I think you will enjoy meeting her. She is a charming, very pretty girland very good company! will be here, and perhaps we can after luncheon. Do say youll come!

  Affectionately yours,

  Li Ming

英文的邀请函 篇4

  Dear Sir or Madam:

  We are very pleased to invite Mr. *** come to our factory for visiting and business negotiation. The business trip will start from 18th April 20xx . And because the long business co-operation in future between ** and us, they will come to China for many times.

  Please note, however, that we don’t assume any legal or financial responsibility whatever regarding the presence of ****** in China. All expenses of *****'Sjourney to/from China, their stay in China as well as health insurance will be borne by their employers.

  We send you our kindest regards and best wishes for a pleasant trip.

  Yours sincerely,

  General Manager signatur

英文的邀请函 篇5

  ear xxx:

  i am writing to invite you to join me in xxxx(city name) and to stay with me here for three years until my current course finishes in december XX. i am also sending you a set of documents, listed below, for your use in connection with your application for entry clearance to enter the uk as my dependant.

  i confirm that i will be responsible for financing our stay in the uk and that of our child, xxx. i will provide for our daily expenses and the cost of our accommodation. a copy of my tenancy agreement are enclosed as evidence of the arrangement that i have already made for our housing.

  the documents that i am sending you with this letter comprise:

  (a) photocopy of relevant pages from my passport.

  (b) an official university of nottingham letter confirming the details of my mphil/phd course.

  (c) a letter from my university sponsor giving details of the scholarship i am receiving for my current course of study

  (d) my most recent three months bank statements from my uk bank account.

  (e) a copy of my tenancy agreement.

  for further information, i can be contacted at the above address.

  take care. love you

  your husband

英文的邀请函 篇6

  Dear sir/madam:

  I'm delighted you have accepted our invitation to speak at the Conference in

  [city] on [date].

  As we agreed, you'll be speaking on the topic "" from [time] to [time]. There will be an additional minutes for questions.

  Would you please tell me what kind of audio-visual equipment you'll need. If you could let me know your specific requirements by [date], I'll have plenty of time to make sure that the hotel provides you with what you need.

  Thank you again for agreeing to speak. I look forward to hearing from you.

  Sincerely yours,




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